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Car Accident Lawyers

Personal Injury Attorneys - Auto Accidents Auto accidents can be a frightening experience. Each year, thousands of people are involved in car accidents. Often, the individuals involved in the crash are injured, and the automobile(s) are damaged- whether the accident...

California license after being arrested for DUI (DMV)

After you’ve just been arrested for DUI the officer is required by law to immediately forward a copy of the completed notice of suspension or revocation form and any driver license taken into possession, with a sworn report to the DMV. The DMV automatically conducts...

DMV Hearing to Prevent Automatic Suspension

DUI Attorneys can Request a Hearing from the DMV within 10 days Request a hearing from the DMV within 10 days of receipt of the suspension or revocation order. The Attorney can show that there is no basis for the suspension or revocation, and the action could be set...

Santa Clarita DUI Law | Checkpoints

Santa Clarita Valley DUI Checkpoints - Intoxication Control Roadblocks Santa Clarita DUI Law regarding DUI Checkpoints, also known as Intoxication Control Roadblocks (ICR) state that the primary goal is detecting and prosecuting drivers driving under the influence...

Local DUI Attorney

Local Drivers Under Influence (DUI) Attorneys - DUI Lawyers Legal Knock, the online marketplace to find local attorneys has presented a solution for Drivers under the influence (DUI) to search and hire qualified lawyers. Considering the fact that in the year of 2012,...

On-Demand Attorneys | Uber for Lawyers

Premier Legal Marketplace: Legal Knock | Uber for Lawyers Uber for Lawyers has arrived. Legal Knock™, is the premiere online marketplace to find local attorneys in most practice areas. The Legal Knock™ App and website provide a simple way to search and hire qualified...