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Local Drivers Under Influence (DUI) Attorneys – DUI Lawyers

Legal Knock, the online marketplace to find local attorneys has presented a solution for Drivers under the influence (DUI) to search and hire qualified lawyers. Considering the fact that in the year of 2012, almost 1.28 million people were arrested because of being under influence of alcohol, however, most of the people are not aware of steps to take in such situations. The company provides an easy platform for the people to find DUI lawyer to know whether they plead guilty or need to take the case to the court.

Legal Knock can help the individuals to understand their charges so that they can take the right measures. Also, finding an attorney otherwise can be difficult at times and it may cost up to $20,000 in some cases which are when the company comes into light. It helps the users finding a lawyer that saves them cost and effort.

Hiring a DUI attorney using Legal Knock requires the users to take a few steps, the first being is to submit the lawyer request on the app after which the local attorneys which practice that type of law will respond to the user with price quote including down payment. The client looking for a service on the website can select a category in which they need help and the select the subcategory under it.

After this, they have to enter their location and date which makes the attorneys of that area receive a push notification and in return, they respond to the client with price, rating and count (number of times used in the system). The client can proceed by arranging a meeting with the lawyer or contact over inbox/calling. They can choose whether they want to pay inside or outside the app which helps them in getting the best price offer.

Legal Knock is started with a group of people having a strong association, expertise and experience in the legal services. Sean Weber, Co-founder of Legal Knock holds a strong background in legal services, technology, and strategy making. He has worked as a CIO of a leading major law firm for over a decade and started with SeDan group. Troy Slaten, Co-founder, and CEO is a qualified Criminal Defense Attorney have established the company to help people in finding a lawyer easily at best price quote.