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Santa Clarita Valley DUI Checkpoints – Intoxication Control Roadblocks

Santa Clarita DUI Law regarding DUI Checkpoints, also known as Intoxication Control Roadblocks (ICR) state that the primary goal is detecting and prosecuting drivers driving under the influence (DUI); intoxicated by alcohol, controlled substances, or committing similar offenses.

DUI Checkpoints Locations and Time

The location and placed is determined in advance by an police officers with the rank of lieutenant of higher. Consideration is given to areas where disproportionately high levels of drunk-driving-related accidents have occurred or are anticipated.

Vehicles Stopped at Checkpoints

Selection of vehicles to be stopped is not be based on arbitrary; random choice or personal whim. At DUI checkpoints, It is permissible to stop every vehicle, or every vehicle proceeding in a particular direction, or that vehicles be stopped in a numerical sequence such as every fifth vehicle or every tenth vehicle.

Officers in Uniform with Marked Police Cars

All officers involved in a DUI Checkpoint are to be in uniform with proper identification and all vehicles are supposed to be marked radio cars (no unmarked cars).

Inconvenience to Motorists (Drivers)

DUI checkpoints are supposed to minimize the inconvenience to drivers. Drivers are not be delayed unreasonably, and the prearranged plan should have as a goal that the time spent waiting in line as well as inspection by roadblock personnel should be less than five minutes.

Stepping Out of the Vehicle

Occupants of a vehicle are not be asked to step out of the vehicle unless there is a reasonable suspicion to believe the occupants are driving under the influence (DUI) or in violation of a statute or ordinance.